Monday, April 23, 2018

Mammoth Rock Hike

I started my hike from Snow Creek Golf Course and took the Mammoth Loop Trail to Sherwin Creek Road so the first mile and a half were downhill or level. Once the trail starts climbing it does so rather quickly. The entire trail only gains about 850 feet and most of it is within a mile of the trailhead parking area.

This is the trail. The snow was in great condition. It wasn't consolidated but firm in the shade and a little splashy in the sun. I only post-holed three times. I was able to hold my footing very well on the steep side slopes. I carried micro spikes but never felt the need to use them.

The first unobstructed view of Mammoth Rock.

Here you can see the snow covered trail traversing below Mammoth Rock.

Hiking in snow, even good snow, is a great way to build core strength.

No other tracks but mine. I guess maybe it's early season for this trail, haha. The snow covered mountains on the far horizon are the White Mountains.

In this photo you can see the White Mountains in the distance and the Glass Mountains in front of them. The Glass Mountains mark the distant rim of the Long Valley Caldera and the scrub covered hill in the photo is the Resurgent Dome. The Long Valley super-volcano erupted here 760,000 years ago and deposited ash as far east as Nebraska.

Splashy snow but I wasn't slipping. 

Looking east from near Mammoth Rock.

Very fresh bear tracks.

Last I heard, the Mammoth Lakes bear population was 34 in town. They employ a bear specialist, much like a dog catcher. He has a show on Animal Planet called The Bear Whisperer.

The Mammoth motto.

Cool story. I hope she knows.

Altogether I hiked 6.7 miles, about 2 of it in snow and total elevation gain was only 850 feet.

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