Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Here are a few shots from the last month. I've been on a cross country trip and started a new job in Prescott, Arizona.

Hwy 120 between Benton and Lee Vining, California.

The Lundy Canyon beaver ponds. I was about two weeks too early for the good colors.

After having a beer at June Lake Brewing I headed down to Mammoth Lakes. Pictured is June Lake and Carson Peak.

Mount Aggie and Mount Baldwin in the Eastern Sierra.

Sunrise at Hot Creek outside Mammoth Lakes, California. That's Mount Morrison catching the sun.

The thin crust of the Long Valley Caldera produce numerous hot springs in the area.

Mammoth Mountain, the moon and the Minarets.

Driving through Death Valley National Park.

Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona.

A fishing egret. I watched him catch a nice sized fish.

Always looking for natural frames.

Watson Lake and the Granite Dells are one of the coolest urban parks that I've seen.

There was a huge number of bugs around the lake. I'm not sure what they were but they didn't bite. They just swarmed my head and made it hard to breathe.

Watson Lake

Watson Lake is full of waterfowl.

Always chasing sunsets.

Some nice alpenglow.

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