Thursday, November 9, 2017

Redwood National Park, April 5th and 6th, 2014

Camping at Crescent Beach in Redwood State and National Park.

There's nothing quite like falling asleep with the sound of waves crashing on the beach.

The one drawback to camping here is the lack of shade. 

A creek finds its way to the ocean.

The cliffs around Crescent Beach are very unstable. It's not uncommon for large chunks to slide down and block road access.

Not every sunset is spectacular but they're all worth watching.

There isn't much light pollution on the Northern California coast.

The entrance to Fern Canyon.

Fern Canyon

Expect wet feet hiking Fern Canyon.

Elk are very common around Redwoods State and National Park. 

Elk acting like moose.

A small herd of bulls were hanging out near the beach.

Redwood Creek far below me. You can't tell from here but all those trees are giants. 

Nothing like sitting in a grove of 250 foot trees to make you feel small.

That's some nice wood, right there.
The trees reach dizzying heights here in NorCal.

You can't appreciate how big these things are without something for scale.

A carpet of clover.

The Tall Trees Grove trail is a 3.5 mile loop with about 900 feet of elevation gain.
Even though the day was overcast I got a severe burn on my freshly shaved head. It was so bad that I cut my 4 day trip short and went home after two days.

Playing in the dunes.

Barefoot on the beach watching the sunset.

Crescent Beach, California

As the sun slowly sets in the west, I bid you all a goodnight.

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