Sunday, November 5, 2017

Jackson Hole in January

Jackson Hole during an inversion back in January 2015. The super cold air is stuck in the valley with nowhere to go. Photo taken on the Teton Pass Road.

These swans were always on alert, always checking their blind spots and working in teams.

A few miles north of Jackson.

It was a very cold day with temps only climbing into the teens.

Flat Creek trumpeter swans.

Bighorn sheep

Hard work finding food here.

The Miller House on the National Elk Refuge.

Cruising by.

Two of the swans were fighting even while they were taking off.

Construction on the Miller House began in 1895.

Hoar frost

I think the dark ones are juveniles.

Bighorn ram.

About two dozen antelope.

Hoar frost on the fence.
When you see blue like this, you know it's cold. Blue ass cold.

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